‘People really read our magazines — the eye is drawn to the high design and the mind to the pertinent content. They’re only sent to those who actually want to read them — the rest distribute themselves.’ 



quarterly lifestyle magazineS

Our magazine celebrates Aldeburgh and the surrounding area with fresh, stylish editorial about the people, places and trades that make this curve of the Suffolk coast remarkable. 

It’s not just the appearance of a print magazine that’s important – that’s only the first step, eyes meeting across a room. What’s on the inside counts just as much; it’s got to talk the talk. As for the paper it’s printed on – that’s got to feel as good as the rest of it looks and reads. You have to see it, want it, read it, keep it – and then show it to all your friends. That’s what people do with our magazines. And that’s why our advertisers want to be in them.

Our hot-off-the-press stock vanishes from our distributors’ counters quicker than you can say ‘fish and chips’, and stays in circulation longer than Snooks chasing his tail.

Elegantly designed, written with passion and printed to a luxury standard, Living magazines read and feel as good as they look, offering the perfect, contemporary, enduring print space in which to advertise your business.


magazine details

Living Publishing produces a free quarterly lifestyle magazine, Aldeburgh Living.

Distributed to the exclusive Aldeburgh demographic; uniquely eclectic, encompassing both indigenous and adventitious full-time residents, cosmopolitan second-home owners, and holiday makers.

Our magazine offers an insider position for your brand, from which to advertise to an exclusive audience.

We publish and distribute 5,000 printed copies every seasonal quarter. Magazines are available from carefully selected cafés, pubs, hotels, shops and holiday lets as well as being delivered to a growing list of subscribers.

The magazines are available online through social media, at issuu.com.

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