"Living in Aldeburgh we were surprised to find no publications that truly celebrated our amazing home - so we decided to create one"

Stacey Paine | Design Co-ordinator



stacey paine | design co-ordinator

Stacey has a design and marketing background.  She styles and co-ordinates each issue of the magazine to showcase the best of Aldeburgh that season.

Stacey lives in Aldeburgh with Nick, and their small baby son Casper.

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Nick Paine | Advertising

Nick has worked with branding and marketing for years and can help you to find the best way to promote your organisation to our special target market.

Nick has a fine food sales background, and now works along side aldeburghliving as a successful sports massage therapist at his practice Aldeburgh Massage.

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Emma Close-brooks | contributing editor

Emma lives in Aldeburgh with her young family and works as a freelance copy-editor.

With a passion for her home on the Suffolk coast, Emma writes beautiful editorial that draws our readers in.




Photograph by Nordica Photography